Brines, Wastewater, Lithium

Lithium Containing Brines

Lithium is found in brines all over the world.  Economically levels of lithium in brines can be as low as 100 ppm and is dependent upon many variables.  Lithium from brines can actually make the

Brine accessibility, temperature, constituent mix all factor in to the overall economics and ability to extract and separate.   

PreProcess excels at extracting lithium from brines.  We have extraction media, technology,  and a team of teams that will deliver a front to back solution.  

Some companies have their own extraction media and technology developed on a lab or pilot level that they want to implement on a commercial scale.  PreProcess  can work with you to prove out the scalability of that technology with your own or a partner's brine source and scale and build an entire lithium processing system from front to back.  

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Lithium Technology Packages

 PreProcess offers a variety of lithium packages:

  • Brine testing of feedstock
  • Customer technology evaluation for robustness and scale-up 
  • Complete lithium solutions using Customer, PreProcess, or combinational technology

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Brines and Production Water

Brine streams are prevalent in many industries.  Mining, waste water treatment, and desalinization systems all have brine treatment components to them.  A newer brine stream becoming very important is the treatment of production water.  Production water is a product of natural gas and natural gas liquids recovery operations.  It is primarily derived of flow back water from the well operations.  The recovery, processing and reuse of production water is becoming increasingly the key to unlocking the potential of the California natural gas resources in both the Monterrey and Santa Maria plays.  Without the ability to process the volumes of production water, the use of water for the natural gas recovery operation becomes limited.  The natural gas and the natural gas liquids that can be brought to market using the emerging drilling and recovery methods represents a significant long term opportunity for the local economy.   Lithium and other materials may also be extracted from production water and oil field brines.   

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