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Foods processing utilizes similar process development techniques in scale up and manufacturing as other process development efforts.  What sets foods processing apart from a typical non food and drug consumer packaged good item is adherence to the specific regulatory guidelines including the cleaning, sanitizing, and sterilization of processing equipment on a regular basis.  

PreProcess can help your company develop new products, design product lines, and  retrofit existing processing systems,


PreProcess  performs internal CGMP audits to keep you on track or get you in compliance.  

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Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Sterilizing

Cleaning must be done thoroughly to fully remove any locations that can harbor active organisms under hard scale or in multiple unaffected and layers of soil insulated from the cleaning method. Cleaning usually has two common methods: Clean In Place, known as CIP, and Clean Out of Place or COP.  

Sanitizing is the deactivating of any residual exposed organisms left on surfaces after cleaning. Sanitization is not effective without being preceded by an effective cleaning. Sanitization is completed by using heat and or chemicals to kill a significant percentage of any organisms and render the surfaces under control from contamination by reducing the colonies of organisms.   

Sterilizing surfaces requires the removal and kill of all contaminants on the surface. Usually sterilization is a heat step following a cleaning and sanitization. 

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PreProcess can come to your site to evaluate and train your team in effective methods.  We even do night and swing shift training.

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Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Sterilizing


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