Activated Carbon


Activated Carbon Applications

PreProcess has made activated carbon from a variety of sources and has applied activated carbon in a variety of projects across industries.   Want to learn about hemp carbon in energy storage?  Click the button.  Otherwise keep reading about Activated Carbon below.

Hemp Carbon Batteries

Powdered Activated Carbon

 PAC is crushed or ground carbon particles.  The American Water Works Association Standard (AWWA) defines PAC as any carbon finer than GAC.  GAC is retained on a 50 mesh screen, PAC will pass a 50 mesh screen.  The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) classifies PAC as passing an 80-mesh sieve.  PAC is added directly to other process units and filtered.  PAC will usually create too high of a pressure drop for use in packed bed columns.  GAC is commonly used in packed bed columns.


Granulated Activated Carbon

GAC can be granular or extruded.  GAC is designated by mesh sizes such as 8 by 20, 20 by 40, or 8 by 30 for liquid phase applications and 4 by 6, 4 by 8 or 4 by 10 for vapor phase applications. A 20 by 40 carbon is made of particles that will pass through a U.S. Standard Mesh Size No. 20 sieve but retain on a 40 mesh screen.  AWWA B604 specifies a 50-mesh sieve as the minimum GAC size. The most popular aqueous phase carbons are the 12 by 40 and 8 by 30 sizes as they balance of size, surface area, and pressure drop.  GAC particle size will determine the flow properties of the column.  Liquid and gas adsorption and absorption use different cuts for performance.