Chemical Engineering for Cannabis ™

The scale up of production requires similar application of standards, technology and methods present in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.  

PreProcess leverages their expertise in the long established and regulated food, beverage, and pharma industries to aid clients in scaling hemp and cannabis grows, extractions, and processing a diverse finished product set.  PreProcess also reviews sites for CGMP and GAP preparedness.  As industrial hemp growers and processors themselves they are aware of the challenges industrial hemp and marihuana growers face.


We are focused on manufacturing full spectrum CBD, THC, and terpene oils, pressed seed fatty acid triglyceride oil from the grain, meal from the grain, carbon for energy storage devices from the stalk, non-wovens fiber materials from the fiber and absorbent and aggregate materials from the hurd. We are also working on pulp and fiber products. Biofuels and other product sets are also on the drawing board.

2019 Industrial Hemp Report

Looking for a quick background in the Industrial Hemp Market.  Get started here.

2019 Industrial Hemp Report

Industrial Hemp Triple Harvest Method

PreProcess is developing what we call the triple harvest method. This method is a large outdoor agricultural tightly spaced grow using low CBD seeds ($20/lb. and 30 lbs./acre). 

The plants are allowed to pollinate. The low level of CBD in the biomass is concentrated up by using high volume techniques versus the low throughput processing methods that use the higher concentrated nug described above. This method is based on what the Europeans have been doing for many years. 

Our triple harvest yields CBD, grain and stalk. Each of these three field products are then manufactured into a series of different products making use of the whole plant. This method allows more small farmers to get industrial hemp into their existing crop rotation without having to place large input outlay at significant risk.

Industrial Hemp Field Sampling Protocols

Growing Industrial Hemp?

The protocols for collecting the sample of industrial hemp from a field varies from state to state.  

Sampling Protocol Comparison

Cannabis Investors

As investors evaluate opportunities, they must be able to determine the credibility of the data, the maturity of the process, and the probability of reasonable technical success in  order to be aware of the risk involved with the investment.  

PreProcess has developed many of the chemical engineering methods and unit operations in various industries that directly apply to the core of the emerging cannabis processing industry.  

PreProcess can perform technology risk assessments of potential investments or come in as consultants to get an existing investment performing at the next level.  Additionally, PreProcess has created a cannabis for investors workshop to train investors in what they need to watch for.   

Cannabis for Investors

Offering a workshop for investor groups from a manufacturing, economic, and farm basis. 

Workshop Description