Consumer Packaged Goods


PreProcess has many years of experience dealing with the fast pace and ever changing needs of consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. Having worked extensively with major CPG players, the ability to bring solutions to the needs of the latest market trends is a unique skill set that has delivered many products to consumers.

CPG companies are marketing driven organizations. The presence and feel of a product is as important as the from and function. Consumer good will is critical to be developed from the packaging through to the expectation of the features of the product. Some of the most complex engineering goes into the most seemingly simple products. This is critical as the confidence consumers develop in a brand leads to repeat customer satisfaction and predictable performance that is the hallmark of the financial deliverables of a CPG organization.

Market penetration in the larger chemical space have longer timelines and more long term on stream investment focus. CPG products come and go. A base may create a platform upon which a family of products may launch that will enhance the brand and defend complex competitive market space. CPG products can be manufactured using internal resources to large organizations with the capability in house, but most likely some sort of external contract packing operation will be employed as some time in the products life in the market. At times the product is white labeled for its whole market existence. Sometimes projects to bring a contract packed product in house occurs after the product establishes itself as a long term player in the market and the cost optimization phase of the products life is of interest to the organization.

These needs must be considered as the product is developed. Many times, new formulations and new product proccing requirements must be built upon already existing resources. Many times, projects must consider how the production scheme fits into existing manufacturing systems. Campaigns and safety stock, raw material availability and the shelf life of the product must be considered. 

Complex systems must be broken down into the simple few that can deliver the manufacturing system at the least cost. PreProcess has delivered many products in this environment. Large engineering procurement and construction firms are useful when things are well defined, and a target design basis is established. The ability of an EPC to flex with the fuzzy front end of new product development or integration into a complex already established manufacturing system can at times feel like turning a large boat in a tight harbor. Many times, a simplified and focused approach integrating and anticipating the needs of the market driven development of the product features leads to a more cost effective execution of a CPG project.

Quality is of the utmost concern. Statistical process control methods must be employed. The consumer must have confidence that safety, taste, performance and function must be met with every bottle, bar, box or package that is purchased.

Using contract packers at times can be a great experience. Even with the most long standing established developer/manufacturer relationship, specifications must be developed. Performance parameters must be identified and validated. The relationship with outside manufacturing also must be one where cost is a partnered effort so that both the CPG organization and the contract manufacturer has skin in the game and can improve their business as partners versus as just simple suppler and customers.

PreProcess has 30 years worth of CPG experience with all types of products. Walk down the supermarket aisles and there is a good chance we have worked on many of the products you might regularly purchase.

From Product Development to Manufacturing

PreProcess has decades of consumer products experience.  We have developed, scaled, and manufactured countless products.  We understand the needs of the customer, the consumer, and the client.