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Marc Privitera Awarded Prestigious AIChE Fellowship

Posted on: November 12th, 2016
Source: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers welcomes Marc Privitera to the rank of Fellow.  Fellow is AIChE's highest grade of membership indicating significant contribution to the field of chemical engineering and decades of service above self.  The rank of Fellow requires nomination, peer reviewed recommendations, and election by the AIChE Board of Directors.  Congratulations Marc on this accomplishment!

Christina Borgese Profiled in CEP Magazine

Posted on: June 1st, 2015
Source: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Christina Borgese: 
Building Entrepreneurial Excellence

By: Emily Frangenberg

“I see myself becoming the entrepreneurial chemical engineer,” says Christina Borgese, Director of Engineering and Development at PreProcess, Inc., a consulting company that she co-founded. Her company helps entrepreneurs commercialize their novel technologies by applying chemical engineering know-how and recruiting experts from around the world. “Creating new products, harboring new ideas — that excites me,” she says. “You never know who is calling next, or what new project you will be working on that nobody has ever done before.”

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     Christina Borgese - Building Entrepreneurial Excellence

Marc Privitera Presented with Exemplary Service Award

Posted on: June 20th, 2014
Source: UC Santa Barbara College of Engineering

Marc Privitera Honored with Jack of All Trades Award

Posted on: September 25th, 2013
Source: Chemical Engineering Magazine and ChemInnovations Conference

ChemInnovations Individual Award

Jack of All Trades

Marc Privitera, PreProcess, Inc.  

The Jack of all trades award is unique. In a world of increasing specialization, it is rare to find an individual with experience and expertise in as many fields as this year’s winner.

Marc Privitera, Principal Engineer at PreProcess, Inc. is the essential ingredient to any process development, engineering, and automation effort delivering customized technical solutions to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must be able to decide, focus, and pivot and Marc consistently delivers in this environment. He can easily step into any new project be it mining, refining, foods, waste repurposing, or consumer packaged goods, and lead the process development, project management, and scale-up crusade. 

Marc’s enthusiasm for “first-of-its-kind” technology has set him apart from his peers. He designed and scaled the world's first commercial supercritical biodiesel reactors, creating the methodology and specifying the metallurgy, which won him a Technology Pioneer Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos. His equipment design and commissioning experience is impressive and extensive, including distillation columns, centrifuges, presses, candle filters, decanters, ion exchange columns, pin mixers, pan agglomerators, slurry reactors, precipitators, water treatment, and chlor alkali systems.  

Christina Borgese Honored with 30 Under 30 Award

Posted on: July 8th, 2013
Source: Manufacturing Engineering Magazine

Manufacturing Engineering celebrates the inaugural 30 Under 30 honorees. These people have taken the road less traveled—and they deserve recognition for it.

Modern culture doesn't do enough to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, let alone Manufacturing. Yet these are the fields that allow us to eat, live, heal, entertain and protect ourselves. Without competence and leadership in these areas, our country is in trouble.

Christina is as much an engineer as she is an entrepreneur. Which explains why she quit her stable job in corporate America—specifically as a process engineer at Clorox—to, as she explains it, “go save the American economy.”

She went to a startup, BioFuelBox, where she and a former Clorox colleague, Marc Privitera, developed and scaled the world’s first commercial scale supercritical biodiesel reactor with technology licensed from Idaho National Labs.  The system would convert waste trap grease typically sent to landfills into ASTM 6751 biodiesel at a rate of 1MMGPY. 

In 2010, BioFuelBox was recognized with a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award—the same year as Twitter.

“Joining a startup is considered a big risk,” Christina said, adding, “The biodiesel adventure was excellent.  I love the fast pace of the venture capital world.  We scaled the system from bench to pilot to commercial scale in fourteen months.”

Ultimately, the business succumbed to the economic downturn. But Christina brushed it off, thankful for the experience and in 2010 launched PreProcess, Inc. with Privitera. PreProcess, a chemical engineering consulting firm for entrepreneurs, has major clients and oversees manufacturing projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

It all feels natural to Christina, who recently turned 30. “PreProcess practices entrepreneurial engineering as compared to traditional engineering firms. Entrepreneurs must be able to decide, focus, and pivot and the technical firm supporting them must be able to do the same,” she said.
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