Scale Up on our Lab and Pilot Systems

Scale Up Product Development

Many great ideas are built on small teams.  When developing a new product it is critical to have someone who knows scale up actively involved.  PreProcess scales up first of their kind systems every day bridging the gap from lab scale to manufacturing scale.  

PreProcess can complete your:

     - Formulation and lab scale sampling
     - Raw material selection and sourcing
     - Test method development
     - Pilot scale development 
     - Product runs for customer sample, regional release, and stability testing
     - Toller selection
     - Manufacturing runs including SOPs and critical control parameters

Our plug and play pilot systems are easily customizable for each product.  Options include:
     - Five gallon batch tank for square batch scaleup 
      - Axial, radial, and high shear impellors
     - Recirculation circuits
     - High shear pumps
     - Aeration
     - Heating jacket
     - Cooling jacket and immersion cooling
     - Cooling tower and chiller
     - Filling station for vials, product bottles, buckets

   We have many laboratory testing materials available including:

     - Centrifuge for stability testing
     - Titration systems
     - Computrac moisture meter
     - Viscosity methods


Chemical Engineering of Cannabis

Applying Chemical Engineering to Cannabis

As medical cannabis, applications emerge, the scale up of production requires similar application of standards, technology and methods present in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.  CBD, the non-pyschoactive cannabinoid primarily from sativa strains has shown great promise in the treatment of various medical conditions.  CBD, etiher on its own or combined with the terpenes and the THC, (tetra hydrocannabinoid, the psychoactive component), could hold new pathways for relief and cure.  As demand and volumes increase as more states legalize aspects of cannabis, the need for a credible tehcnical basis becomes even more important.
Cannabis growing uses many common agricultural methods and engineering practices.  Cannabis processing uses many of the core technologies of chemical engineering.

As investors evaluate opportunities, they must be able to determine the credibility of the data, the maturity of the process, and the probability of reasonable technical success in  order to be aware of the risk involved with the investment.

PreProcess has developed many of the chemical engineering methods and unit operations in various industries that directly apply to the core of the emerging cannabis processing industry.

             For more on the Chemical Engineering of Cannabis:
             Chemical Engineering of Cannabis for Investors

Engineering Bootcamp

Transitioning employees from academic achievement to practical applications
Presented by PreProcess - Engineering Bootcamp is the only program designed to provide employees new to process engineering with a hands-on, industry focused understanding of the concepts covered in engineering school. 

Sign up today with Christina Borgese at

Receive 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Certificate upon completion

Who should attend: Engineers and technicians new to process engineering

Local Bootcamp

Employees from a variety of companies come to one local bootcamp featuring the essential building blocks of process engineering in an active and  hands on three day bootcamp.  Curriculum includes:

Cost of course is $2500 per student.  

Courses available in major cities across the country.  Please contact us for dates in your area.  

Customized Corporate Course

Personalized for your company and located at your own plant or R&D facilities.  We work with your engineering managers to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs.  May include optional continued education courses, project assistance for new engineers, and year long coaching and development. 


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